More than a side hustle

Is your side hustle product or service idea working great and you feel it has the potential to become a full time business, but you have no idea how to start one?

I can help.

Like a big momma (I’m in my 50’s I can give advice, guidance, share important information on how to register the business, what format is best, partners or no?
Stock and the building up of stock
Financials what to do and not to do
Marketing the business online

checklists on how the business currently comes in, what is missing

what is the current processes and who manages the sales leads

what processes are in place for dealing with orders and new customers


now I have to start and grow a proper business and I have no idea what to do.  

A great idea only goes a long way if you have researched the market to see if there is actually enough interest in this idea and you want to take it wider.  For intance you are selling a new toy, but only in your area, and around the school, and everyone likes is.  you have a lot of sales, and interest and now, you need to get